Spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) accounts for 35% of all messages and is rapidly increasing. 1 in 150 messages contains a virus, costing many billions of dollars around the world every year. Surveys have shown that removing 1 virus from 1 PC costs over $600. Removing a virus infection from a server costs over $50,000.
At IDWEB-HOSTING, we take this very seriously. Therefore we use the latest AntiVirus and AntiSpam filters on our servers. The filtering service consists of MailScanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, DCC, Vipuls Razor, SARE and Dictionary Attack ACL.

Each email is checked by this filtering service which determines if the email is from a known spam source and if it contains any known viruses. The service gets information from many spam detecting and filtering networks so it can perform reliably. We catch around 95% of all incoming spam and over 98% of all viruses.
MailScanner is already a highly-respected open source e-mail security system, with more users than AOL and Hotmail combined, and this new release increases its stability and performance. It processes 500 million e-mail messages every day, removing 2 million viruses and identifying 75 million spam messages. MailScanner is used at 20,000 sites around the world protecting top government departments, commercial corporations and educational institutions. It is becoming a standard feature of many ISP's as virus protection and spam filtering are now essential requirements for most users.
» Automatically updates all installed virus scanners every hour
» Identifies over 95% of spam using several techniques, including highly advanced heuristics
» Pornographic spam is stripped of all graphical content, protecting users from obscene content
» Scans e-mail for viruses using any combination of up to 14 different virus scanners
Clam Antivirus is a GPL anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. The main purpose of this software is the integration with mail servers (attachment scanning). The package provides a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a command line scanner, and a tool for automatic updating via Internet. The programs are based on a shared library distributed with the Clam AntiVirus package, which you can use with your own software. Most importantly, the virus database is kept up to date.
» Command-line Scanner
» Fast, Multi-threaded Daemon
» Milter interface for sendmail
» Database updater with support for digital signatures
» Virus scanner C library
» On-access scanning
» Detection of over 20000 viruses, worms and trojans
» Built-in support for RAR (2.0), Zip, Gzip, Bzip2
» Built-in support for Mbox, Maildir and raw mail files
Arguably the most popular of the free spam detectors out there is SpamAssassin, and for good reason: it's not just free, it's among the most effective spam-fighting tools available for any platform. It offers all of the best of breed spam-fighting techniques in one nice, neat package: a feature recognizer, DNSBL and SPF lookups, collaborative reporting networks, and Bayesian filtering. On top of that, Spam Assassin includes a comprehensive scoring framework that takes all of these tests into account before making a diagnosis, rather than just making a quick decision based on a single test (a technique that's terribly prone to error).
SpamAssassin is a mail filter to identify spam. It is an intelligent email filter which uses a diverse range of tests to identify unsolicited bulk email, more commonly known as Spam. These tests are applied to email headers and content to classify email using advanced statistical methods. In addition, Spam Assassin has a modular architecture that allows other technologies to be quickly wielded against spam and is designed for easy integration into virtually any email system.
SpamAssassin Advantage:
SpamAssassin's practical multi-technique approach, modularity, and extensibility continue to give it an advantage over other anti-spam systems. Due to these advantages, SpamAssassin is widely used in all aspects of email management. You can readily find Spam Assassin in use in both email clients and servers, on many different operating systems, filtering incoming as well as outgoing email, and implementing a very broad range of policy actions. These installations include service providers, businesses, not-for-profit and educational organizations, and end-user systems. SpamAssassin also forms the basis for numerous commercial anti-spam products available on the market today.
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